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Model ID: 5'10" brunette for Gilt, Ideeli (Mika Van Winkle)


Can anyone please help with an ID on this lovely girl:

According to Gilt, she is 5'10", 32-24-35. However, they have also given her vitals as 5'9" 34-24-34, so I'm not sure which to believe.

Most clothes are made for a 5'8" model and petite clothing is for women 5'4" and under.  Some retailers like to note a models height to help the customer gauge how the garment might look on them. However, they also use it to cover themselves from bad publicity.

For instance, ASOS will use a regular size model for Petite clothing. They have actually used Jamie Gunns who is well over 5'9" to model petite clothing. Obviously, Gunns was wearing a normal size garment. ASOS was either too lazy or too cheap to spring for a petite model.

 Another time, they showed a model under 5'7" but instead of saying she was 5'5.5" they said she was a size 4 even though the model was bigger than a British size 4. Because she was shorter the clothing looked bigger on her and they didn't customers to think the garment would look that way on everyone or that they used a model with an eating disorder. ASOS prides themselves on using healthy models. Height is irrelevant in catalog modeling unless the model is 6 feet or under 5'7". 

Long Tall Sally has said Olivia Garson is 5'11" and 6'0" but her agency says she is 5'10.5". So the height means absolutely nothing. One could be her real height. The other could be what her agency lists her at. Its anyone guess.

Thanks for that modelknowledge. I was able to ID her by looking at the agencies of some of the other Gilt models. Her name is Mika Van Winkle- I just added her to UMC. She is 5'8", 34-24-34. Gilt lies!.

Based on her portfolio, she's capable of much better work that what Gilt has used her for... she was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model for 2010.

Mika is a commercial model. Commercial models make their money by doing lots of catalog work as well as print ads and television commercials. She isn't the type of model to be doing lots of runway or doing editorial work but it is possible for her to land some fashion work. Primarily, commercial models do editorial work but its lifestyle type. Models like her do editorial work for magazines like Cosmo, Shape, or Maxim. I am not saying she won't land Vogue or Elle but she won't do it as frequently as her High Fashion peers.

By the way, catalog work pays really well. The misconception on sites like these is catalog work isn't important.  Every model does catalog work. In a market as competitive as New York, its super hard for models to get good catalog work. Mika is doing pretty good.

Also remember agencies lie about height too.

<delayed response>

Thanks modelknowledge! Mika is too feminine, and as you mention, a couple of inches too short to do runway... my guess is that she is actually 5'7", not the 5'10" Gilt claimed.

I think she did get a lot of editorial work back in Asia; she must be new to New York. I do understand that catalog pays the rent- just wish she got more and better catalog work.


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