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Author Topic: Forum Rules ? 2009/12/19 *** superseded ***  (Read 24462 times)


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Forum Rules ? 2009/12/19 *** superseded ***
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:13:28 am »
Welcome to UseMyComputer Discussions!

We encourage you to have fun and contribute as often as you can. Before you begin posting please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the forum rules: (significant changes relative to the 2009/11/08 rules are italicized and red)

  • Refrain from publicly reprimanding another member no matter how wrong the alleged offender may be – breaking this rule is probably the fastest way to be banned. If you have a problem with a member, address it with them privately via the Personal Message system. Only after this should you consider talking to a moderator or administrator.

  • If you disagree with a moderator's decision, try to talk it over with them in the PM system first. If you're not satisfied with the result, send a brief e-mail describing the problem to

  • You must read and respond to PMs from Moderators and Administrators

  • If you find an inappropriate post, or one that does not conform to the board rules, please flag it by using the Report to moderator link near the bottom right of said post.

  • Minimum of 1 post every 28 days in the contribute section or links to the image hosts will be hidden. To re-enable image links in the contribute section you have two choices:

    • make an appropriate post in the contribute section ( New Female Images, New Male Images, or Nudity ) and wait ~24 hours. If the post hasn't been moderated/deleted for a rule violation(s) you'll automatically see the images again.

    • or, as a last resort, you can get a temporary exemption to this rule by making a donation as detailed here

    new accounts have a three day exemption. Deleted/moderated posts do not count. vips, moderators, and admins are exempt from the automated system but not from the rule.

  • Must maintain a valid e-mail address in your account profile. Throw away e-mail addresses/hosts are not permitted

  • Each celebrity, model, actor, et al. has no more than 2 'image' topics; One in the nudity section, and one in the regular section. Search the forum before creating a new post/topic.

  • Never use any code ( e.g. links, images, et al. ) to track users or otherwise unnecessarily expose a viewers personal information ( e.g. ip address, referring site, et al. ) to a third party.

  • If you want to thank a poster, send them a PM and/or give them some positive karma. You'll need 10 posts under your belt before you can dish out any karma.

  • No SPAM posts. SPAM includes, but not limited to, the following:

    • quickie posts ( ie. "me too," "I know," etc. ) in the 'image' topics
    • for-profit links/hosting
    • nonsense, gibberish, or off-topic posts
    • Generic links to other sites
    • topic bumping

  • Posts and Signatures utilizing hosted image links must be individually thumb-nailed and link to the larger image.

  • Images:

    • High quality images are the mainstay of the forum, let's keep it that way
    • Tagged images are greatly frowned upon unless they are the only high quality version available
    • Duplicate images are only permitted when the quality and resolution/quality exceeds that of the 'older' image
    • Size does not imply quality – That said, images should be > 2.5 megapixels ( e.g. 2500 x 1000, 5000 x 500, 1400 x 1785, et. al. )
    • blowup enlargements are not permitted
    • Fake images are not permitted
    • Absolutely no porn; softcore or otherwise
    • Nudity is only permitted in the nudity section.

  • The following sites are the only approved image hosts:

    Posts created prior to these rules are grandfathered until they are changed over. If you would like another image host added to the list, e-mail and ask for the probation details.

  • If you break the rules, one of several things will happen:

    • a warning PM from a mod/admin – by far the most common action

    • a temporary 3 day partial ban – essentially read only access to the forum, but you can still see the links for hosted images

    • a temporary 7 day ban – no access

    • a semi-permanent ban – you'll be contacted by an admin using your account's e-mail address regarding what is required for your reinstatement

    • a lifetime ban

    Serial offenders progress up the severity scale; One hopes you respond with an appropriate amount of respect and contrition in all cases

note: 2010-04-10 minor formatting edits attempting to fix opera render issue with lists -v
note: 2010-09-28 removed paintedover image hosting - it's been 404'd for a while -v
note: 2012-08-01 added turboimagehost -v


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