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Author Topic: alternative to the '1 post per 28 day' rule  (Read 5742 times)


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alternative to the '1 post per 28 day' rule
« on: December 19, 2009, 12:35:40 am »
A number of members have asked for an alternative to the '1 post per 28 day' rule so we're offering the following donation incentives.

The options:

  • $45 for a 364 day ( 52 week ) exemption ( 50% savings )

  • $15 for a 56 day ( 8 week ) exemption

The conditions:

  • this is a temporary exemption from the "one post per 28 days" rule only.

  • if you share your account with others you forfeit the remainder of your exemption time period.

  • you're still required to follow the remainder of the rules. In the unlikely event you get banned, send me an e-mail and I'll re-enable your account read-only for the remainder of your exemption time period + the days you were banned.

The procedure ( follow this procedure lest there be complications and/or delays ):

  • go login to your paypal account first.

  • return to this page and select one of the following paypal donation options:

    If you don't use the above links, our system won't flag your donation for posting exemption!

  • send me a PM ( or e-mail ) with the following information:

    • paypal confirmation number

    • email address used with your paypal account

    • forum username or id #

    If you don't send us the above info, we don't know who to credit the exemption to!

  • You should be credited in the system within a week ( while some portions are automated, there are several manual steps currently ) – I have no problems with folks sending polite PM regarding pending exemptions, but those who send snooty/angry/pissy e-mails complaining their two day old donation hasn't been credited will be refunded and banned.

2012-12-01 - removed $5 option, added $15 option
2011-03-25 - clarifications and emphasis added


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