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Author Topic: Forum Rules – 2006/10/30 *** superseded ***  (Read 6051 times)


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Forum Rules – 2006/10/30 *** superseded ***
« on: October 30, 2006, 05:14:20 pm »
Welcome to UseMyDiscussions! We encourage you to have fun and contribute as often as you can. Before you begin posting please take a moment to familarize yourself with the revised forum rules:

  • Refrain from publicly reprimanding another member no matter how wrong the alleged offender may be -- breaking this rule is probably the fastest way to be banned.

If you have a problem with a member, address it privately with them via the Personal Message system.

  • Use the Report to moderator link on the bottom right of a post if you stumble upon an inappropriate post, or one that does not conform to the board rules. A Moderator or Administrator will review the post and act accordingly.

  • No nudity (e.g. no visible nipple(s) or bush).
  • No SPAM or for-profit links/hosting.
  • No off-topic posts.
  • Search the forum before creating a new topic.

If you disagree with a moderator's decision, try to talk it over with them in the PM system first.  if you are not satisfied with the result, PM tony or vizzini.


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