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50,000 per inch article


Eamon Angelface:
It also had another paragraph that was interesting...

--- Quote ---Genetic theories of racial difference are making a comeback. Analyses of the human genome bolster theories of differential evolution among different groups: war lust in South American tribes, intelligence in Jews, digestive changes in East Asians and Europeans.
--- End quote ---

After a little research it was no surprise that the writer was Jewish. There is no, not a single one, study that has ever provided evidence that Jewish people are smarter or have some genetic advantage. In fact there is a wealth of evidence that indicates Jewish peoples get the short end of the genetic stick having such problems as Faconi Anemia and a higher risk or cancer than other races.

I don't care what religion someone is or where they're from, but this kind of BS is retarded and shouldn't be allowed. Lying to undermine others is wrong whether your preaching that black people have thicker skulls or Jewish people are somehow magically smarter than the rest of us all of the sudden; it's racist. There's no such thing as beneficial racism.


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